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Angel of Mercy · 1993 · TV film

The young wife of a k&k army major arrives at a military hospital to see her fatally wounded husband. In front of her eyes, a mysterious prisoner of war with healing abilities puts an end to the man’s suffering... From that moment on, the two of them stand side by side, sometimes together yet sometimes against each other. Chained by a mutual passion, they fight for a little bit of happiness in the times deprived of any sense, emotion or hope.

Prix Europe – Prize for the best TV programme of the year in Europe – Berlin 1994
Critics‘ prize for the best TV film, Main prize for female performance and the Critics‘ prize for Ingrid Timková – ITF Shanghai 1994
Slovak critics‘ prize 1993 A prize of the SFZ and LF SR for directing 1994
2nd prize in the TV films category – Festival of the Central-European initiative, Keszthely 1994

screenplay: Vladimír Kröner, Marián Puobiš, M. Luther
cinematography: Vladimír Holloš